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In order to comply with Alberta government regulation D-55, you must have secondary containment systems installed on your site to prevent contamination from above and below ground storage. However, many companies often run into the following three headaches with their secondary containment service that have now been solved by Halo Environmental:

Headache #1 – Can’t Apply during the Winter

The biggest headache for most companies here in Western Canada is the fact that all other secondary containment solutions cannot be installed in the winter. In fact, most secondary containment companies shut down their operations when the temperature reaches -5 degrees Celsius. This means that you will have to wait for the weather to warm up again before you can complete your project, costing you time and money. At Halo Environmental, our unique application process allows us to install all year round, even in temperatures as extreme as 40 degrees below zero. No other company or product offers this type of year-round service.

Headache #2 — Safety Hazards

Some containment systems on the market can pose a safety hazard since some of the chemicals used in them are combustible. In other cases, the liner itself can be slippery or uneven. At Halo Environmental, not only is our unique HL550 spray-on polyurethane liner completely non-combustible, but it is also one of the only spray applied liners with a UL92 surface burn rating for fire resistance. Additionally, we can apply non-slip surfaces during the installation process to give enough traction for people to continue to operate over the finished liner even in wet conditions without fear of any slips or trips.

Headache #3 – Conventional “Roll Out” Liners are Simply Ineffective



Some companies are still using antiquated technology to provide secondary containment. The current standard is to use conventional liners which are large rolls of plastic that are rolled out and then melted. Common problems associated with conventional liners include the need for additional materials like boots, bars, and bolts to attach to pipes and walls since there is not a physical bond between the liner and the substrate. This leaves numerous seams throughout the liner which have stress points. It is also easy to tear and requires a ground cover which impedes the ability to check for liner integrity. And you cannot walk on them in cold temperatures because of cracking and most importantly, you cannot install these liners in cold temperatures.

Spray-on Polyurethane liners don’t suffer from these issues since it can be applied to any clean and dry surface and it conforms to any shape and does not require any additional hardware to attach. It creates a physical mechanical bond to the substrate. This not only makes the application process more efficient, but it also makes the containment system more effective. Spray on polyuerethane liners are the technological innovation of our industry and it is used exclusively at Halo Environmental.