Spray Foam Insulation Roofing

Application: Roofing

roofing_spray_foamTHE CHALLENGE:

Metal roofs tend to leak at the joints, at the fasteners, the calking used for sealant around penetrations usually dries up, and are typically very susceptible to damage from high winds. Another major issue with these roofs is the constant heat cycling due to the sun which causes expansion and contraction of the joints that allows water to seep through. Tar & gravel roofs have issues with pooling water when on a flat and low slope system as these roofs have issues shedding water effectively. Also areas around roofing penetrations due to HVAC units, vents, and other piping tend to develop leaking over time.


Spray foam insulation is a seamless fully adhered membrane that conforms to irregular shapes on all metal and flat/low slope tar & gravel roofs. It encapsulates all fasteners & seams, and seals
around all roofing penetrations, and completely eliminates leaking. It is energy efficient and does not allow for condensation. Reduces metal roof temperature fluctuations and eliminates heat cycling which causes expansion and contraction of the joints. Spray foam insulation also regulates the internal building temperature by preventing heat loss which equals energy and cost savings. All roofs come with a 5-10yr warranty.


Premicote 7625 Aluminized Roof Coat. Premicote 7625 is a UV tolerant, monolithic and seamless coating membrane. It is ideal as a single pass fast set waterproof elastomer for roofing applications.