Gas Compressor Containment – Stop the Leaking Now

Below are case studies demonstrating how gas compressors can affect the integrity of your well sites.

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Gas Compressors Contaminate Well Sites


  • Gas Compressors have always been a challenge to contain the leaking fluids from the engine due to the constant vibration in the building.

    • This violent vibration from the engine that drives the compressor causes belly pans to wiggle loose from their fittings, clamps on hoses loosen, and welds on drip pans start to crack.
    • No matter how strong the welds are, the movement of the building due to vibration causes stress fractures and potential areas for hydrocarbons to leak through and into the ground on your well site.
  • This leads to costly clean up bills and soil remediation costs.
Halo Environmental Gas Compressor Solution


  • The simple solution to this problem is to install a flexible, vibration resistant, elastomeric liner in your belly pan that encompasses all of the cross beams, corners, and conduits under your gas compressor.
    • This impervious membrane traps and holds onto the leaking contaminants coming out of the compressor engine preventing them from entering the ground under the building.
  • Leaving it to be safely and easily removed on the regular maintenance clean-ups of the building.
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Concern regarding compressor sump liners


  • Multiple areas under the compressor had failed over the years due to poor adhesion allowing for potential oil seepage from the compressor area.
  • The customer was also having issues with some of the pipes lines freezing inside the compressor building during the cold season.
  • The biggest issue found under this compressor was ground water pushing up on the existing compressor sump liner causing hydrostatic pressure to push the existing liner seams apart.
Halo Environmental Gas Compressor Solution


  • Remove the existing sump liner that was no longer providing proper containment and replace with a new spray in liner.
  • Provide a reliable cost-effective insulation solution for the compressor building to minimize the cold penetration.
  • Provide a reliable cost-effective environmentally safe method to deal with the ground water to eliminate the negative affect it has on the sump liner.


  1. Remove the old liner. Clean the area and properly prep the support structure for long lasting adhesion.
  2. Apply 2lb closed cell spray foam to the skirting of the compressor buildings, filling all voids and gaps to prevent unwanted cold air.
  3. Create a sub floor with 6” of spray foam that will act as a buffer between the ground water and the sprayed in liner to prevent the hydro static pressure that was pushing the seams apart. 
Halo Gas Compressor Solution
Call 403-945-0177 (Airdrie) or 780-513-3624 (Grande Prairie) to inquire about our FREE site evaluations or CLICK HERE to visit our website for more details.