Heat induction and laser coating removal is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method to remove coatings on steel surfaces that is cost effective. This consumable free, zero waste method offers the best choice for job cleanliness, worker safety and project completion timelines.

What if we told you that you don’t need messy, unsafe and time consuming sandblasters to remove your coating. We can mobilize our self-contained heat induction units and laser units to your worksite while providing you a safe reliable method to remove your coating.

What is Heat Induction?
The process of heat induction involves an induction coil with alternating currents to generate a powerful electro-magnetic field. This field generates heat which penetrates the coating on a steel substrate. The result is the coating de-bonding quickly & easily from the metal surface.
We Use This Process to Remove Coatings Such As:

  • Epoxies, Urethanes & Others

  • Rust & Grime

  • Oil & Grease

  • Lead Paint

  • Fire-Retardant Coatings (PFPs)

  • Glued & Vulcanized Rubber, including Chlorinated Rubber

Typical Uses

  • Tie-ins

  • Welds for boring applications

  • Repairs to FBE

  • Push back applications

  • Station piping

  • Fittings & fabrication

  • In addition to main line pipe coating:

    • Sacrificial coating for directional drilling (ARO)

    • Road bore pipe

    • Rehabilitation of existing pipelines

Halo Laser Blasting and Coating Removal
Pipeline Coating Removal
Our induction system for coating removal has proven to be very effective on pipes and live pipeline projects around the world. We can efficiently and safely remove coatings such as coal, tar, ebonite, 3LPE/3LPP, rubber & other linings with thickness up to 30 mm.

Coating removal with our induction system does not product additional grit or water waste, yielding great potential for savings in logistic handling, especially in remote areas. The coating is removed with east in manageable sections that are easily contained for disposal and containment needs.

Coating Removal on Storage Tanks
Our induction system for coatings removal is highly suitable for fast & efficient stripping of large surfaces, as well as, inspections on weld seams in storage tanks.
Experience from work on tank bottoms have shown that thick fiber-glass (5-6 mm) can be removed with stripping rates up to 10-12 m2/hr.

While thinner traditional painting systems can be removed in rates up to 35m2/hr. Not only does the induction system yield great economic benefits like higher stripping rates & minimal waste disposal, it also enables worker friendly & environmentally safe operations.

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