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Containment-42-150x150Secondary Containment

Halo Environmental provides secondary containment systems for oilfield and other commercial storage applications.  Halo uses a polyurethane coating for all of our secondary containment applications.

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oilfiled-tank-apron150Oilfield Tank Aprons and Skirts

Halo has developed a new form of Oilfield Tank Skirting that consists of pre-sprayed panels of Polyurethane plastic that are physically bonded to the bottom of the tanks either via the annular ring or tank base plate.

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Founded in 2004, Canadian owned and operated Halo Environmental Ltd. (Halo) specializes in spray applied proprietary polyurethane liners meeting all regulatory requirements used for secondary containment around and under new, existing and temporary tank, piping / pipeline and water / liquid retention (e.g., concrete or earthen) systems / structures in the oil & gas, mining, heavy industrial,  civil infrastructure, and residential construction industries.  We also specialize in spray applied foam applications for piping / pipeline, tanks, and new and restoration construction fire-protection and insulating, and other spray-on concrete water-proofing products.

Halo also has the Team expertise to act as the prime contractor allowing us provide construction management, environmental / soil clean-up and associated testing / reporting, site preparation and restoration turnkey services.

We work extensively with engineers / designers, constructors and owners / operators of these systems to find the most cost-effective practical solution possible for a particular new build or renovation / restoration project.

Halo is committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone who plays a part in our operations, from our employees, to our clients and the community’s in which we operate. Halo provides our employees and our clients with the capabilities, knowledge and resources necessary to instill personal ownership to achieve Health and Safety excellence. Halo is COR accredited, and maintains membership in ISNetword, PICS, Complyworks, CanQual Network, and Oil Sands Safety Association, recognizing our ability to maintain an accident free workplace.


Our proprietary non-VOC polyurethane coatings have been developed and designed in collaboration with a Canadian manufacturer through extensive formulation, laboratory testing and practical field application / feedback.  The coatings are ultraviolet (UV) light and fire resistant, tear resistant, flexible, and are compatible for containment use with a wide variety of hydrocarbons, acids, and other hazardous chemicals.

The spray applied coatings are designed to protect the ground and substrates from any type of contamination or water damage under tank farms, inside of tanks, compressors, sumps & trenches, loading facilities, and protects and preserves concrete and steel / metal structures. It is also used to replace tar and gravel on commercial buildings and facility roofs as a new and less expensive roofing material.

Because our product is spray applied it will conform to any shape, and can be applied to and will attach to virtually every surface, making it an excellent choice when trying to update old earthen and concrete containment structures, contain around piping through berms and metal skids, attaching to metal tanks / pipes and concrete walls, and existing LLDPE and HDPE liners.