Oilfield Skid Spray Foam Insulation

Application: Oilfield Skid Spray Foam Insulation

Oilfield Skid Spray Foam InsulationTHE CHALLENGE:

Without question, typical oilfield skids need to be insulated from the exterior environment. Without this protection they are susceptible to condensation, cold temperatures and icing conditions. Condensation creates a wet (or icy) condition on the interior floor. This, in turn causes coating (i.e. paint) failure, rust and oxidation. More importantly, is creates a dangerous, slippery floor.


Applying spray polyurethane foam to the underside of the skid creates a thermal break. This layer of insulation creates a barrier between the cold external atmosphere and the warm, moist interior atmosphere. The effects of the temperature differences are now not able to affect the floor. Employees will not slip and fall; interior temperature can be maintained easily, creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone; and interior floor coatings will have a longer life.


Onsite – our portable unit allows us to access most jobsites – a convenience for you.
Shop – for best results, spraying in a controlled atmosphere is preferred. Cold, wind and rain can affect the quality of our application.
Our spray foam applicators have extensive training and years of experience. We are dedicated to professionalism and customer service.


2 Pound Closed Cell – Class 1 Flame Spread. R Value of 6.3 per inch applied.
This closed-cell spray foam provides superior energy economy and durability while significantly reducing unmanaged moisture and air infiltration. The products we use adhere tenaciously to framing members and substrates.

Elastomeric Top Coat – a high build, elastomeric coating possessing tremendous flexibility and resistance to weathering while providing a Flame Spread Classification of less than 25 and Smoke Density rating of less than 50. Provides protection from UV degradation and wind-driven rain with exceptional elongation properties even at low temperatures when applied over sprayed urethane foam insulation.